februar 6, 2014

About TR

What is The Reactor

The Reactor is the not-for-profit organization best known for running Genki in Denmark the Japanese popular culture convention.

The Reactor runs as a company with weekly meetings. Genki is run by the volunteer staff in a purely democratic way through our staff system Chaos.genki.dk and The Reactor administrates the covnention polcies, organization, funding, contractual obligations and such.

Who is The Reactor?

Allan Petersen & Victor Maric Alring have been with Genki since 2009 and co-founded the convention with a lot of fantastic volunteers. Now the convention will be organized via The Reactor for the sake of future events.

The Reactor is purely non-profit which means that all the money, inventory, and assets is in the possesion of The Reactor and must go to the benefit of the convention and it’s guests.

There are no paid positions at The Reactor as it is purely and administrative entity for Genki.

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